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Fans tee off over AFL fun police

Supporters of AFL clubs have shown they’ve had enough of the AFL administration following a recent crackdown on fan behaviour.

Notable Collingwood supporter ‘Joffa’ is protesting AFL games until Gil McLachlan apologises for its crackdown on fan behaviour.

Following this story earlier this week, plenty of football fans shared their frustration with the AFL and its administration.

Comments from readers:

Carol Van Der Wijngaart: “Everyone will soon be sitting at home, so they can yell at the TV, the stands will be empty and Gil will only have his ‘rent a crowd’ of corporate ‘hanger-oners.’ Go back to your island Gilligan…and take your feeble crew with you please. Just sail away into the sunset.

Rodney Cundy: “Yes very difficult to watch. Rule changes are very hard to understand umpires interpretation as well.”

Lui Abbracciavento: “My passion for my club, the PAFC is as strong as ever, but I’m hating the game I always loved with the same passion. I now only watch Port games and even that is becoming ever less appealing.”

Sue Toner: “I used to watch every game, every weekend. I struggle to watch my own team play now. So sad, they have destroyed a once great game.”

Anthony Whyte: “Any sport where they change the rules yearly to manipulate the look and the outcome is in massive strife.”

Russell Tangey: “Everybody that loves footy should hate the AFL administration.”

Sean Cox: Have been saying this for the last three years. And it’s the same talk at work and the pub as well. Everyone since Ross Oakley and Wayne Jackson wants to change the rules and make a big note for themselves. I used to watch Friday and Saturday night games at the pub. Now it’s so hard to watch. AFL is evolution, NRL and soccer stay the same.

Kevin Martin: “I used to watch lots of AFL footy on TV and the highlights. These days I even struggle to watch games with my team.”

Brett Hansen: “Yep, I used to look forward to every Friday night game no matter who was playing…there was a sense of magic surrounding it. Now I couldn’t care less unless Port are playing.”


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