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What is the most unstoppable move in world sport?

Certain athletes have those go-to moves which they always lean on, you know its coming, but they execute better than anybody else in the world and it contributes to their greatness.

It’s time to bring Tasmania into the AFL

Tasmania is the last remaining state to not feature an AFL team, and it’s about time it gets one.

An arvo at the ice hockey will get your Adrenaline pumping

Dave Lloyd spent an afternoon watching Adelaide Adrenaline Ice Hockey Club over the weekend and gave his account of the high octane action, encouraging SA sports fans to check it out for themselves.

Thuggery in our local footy leagues must stop

Nonsensical violence in sport is something which has been a bugbear of mine for a very long time and now…

It’s time for Port Adelaide to let Paddy Ryder go

Paddy Ryder has been more than serviceable for Port Adelaide, but it’s time to let him go.

Adelaide United 2018/19 season review

Adelaide United had a rollercoaster of a season, and Kurt Caddy has reviewed the season that was, and looked ahead to the new campaign.

Eagles’ Brayshaw blunder: Poor taste, or the perfect match simulation sledge?

FOOTAGE emerged overnight of West Coast’s Andrew Gaff attempting a set-shot goal at training, with team-mate Nathan Vardy yelling ‘ANDREW BRAYSHAW’ in an attempt to put him off.
Is it in poor taste, or the perfect match simulation sledge?

Expensive | Sanitised | Confusing | AFL isn’t what it used to be

For as long as I can remember I’ve soaked up as much footy as I could every weekend. That was until about six weeks ago.

Listen to the fans: No-one wants a night-time AFL grand final

The discussion about a night-time AFL grand final was again re-ignited this week, however the proposal should have been dead and buried a long time ago.