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Laura Hodges: ‘Adelaide has always been home’

Born and raised in Adelaide, Laura Hodges has done virtually everything in her basketball career – she’s a four-time Olympian, a World Champion, and a long-time player with her home state team, Adelaide Lightning.
The SA superstar went One on One with Grady Hudd to reflect on her decorated career, life as a new mum, and her impending return to the court.

James McKechnie: ‘To swim at the Olympics would be unbelievable’

James McKechnie went from training in a pool in the north of Adelaide to competing for a Commonwealth Games medal against some of the world’s fastest swimmers. He went One on One with Tom Staggard to talk about his journey so far and his Olympic aspirations.

Chris McHugh: The Adelaide volleyballer who scored gold

Since winning gold at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Adelaide-based beach volleyballer Chris McHugh has faced everything from knee surgeries to a teammate shake up. He went One on One with Tom Staggard to talk about his Olympic dream and how he’s shaping up ahead of Tokyo 2020.

Steve becomes one of Adelaide Adrenaline’s best

After making the transition from roller skates to ice skates, Adelaide Adrenaline forward Steve Best has cemented himself as an integral part of the team. He went One on One with Tom Staggard to discuss the upcoming AIHL season and how he juggles his work with his hockey.

Jordan McArdle gives Adelaide baseball plenty of bite

Jordan McArdle grew up surrounded by baseball. Now, he represents his home state with the Adelaide Bite and has had experience playing in the United States. He went One on One with Jack Hudson to talk about his journey.

Brett Maher: ‘People don’t realise how close I was to leaving Adelaide’

Brett Maher is regarded as one of the greatest players in the Adelaide 36ers’ history. However, the three-time Olympian and three-time NBL champion almost left his hometown club. He went One on One with Tom Staggard to talk about his hoops career.

Iceman Ales Kratoska has made Adelaide his home

Born in a small town in the Czech Republic, Adelaide Adrenaline forward Ales Kratoska finished the 2018 Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) as the team’s leading points scorer. He went One on One with Tom Staggard to discuss his move to Australia and what he hopes to achieve in the upcoming AIHL season.

One on One with: Jamie O’Doherty

Adelaide United E-League player and FUTWIZ professional FIFA player Jamie O’Doherty took some time out of his schedule to go One on One with Jack Hudson.