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Crow Call with Tom Staggard

Crow Call: Adelaide v Port Adelaide

The build up to Showdown 47 suggested it could be one of the tightest Showdowns of recent memory, but it wasn’t to be as Port Adelaide smashed the Crows by 55 points.

PHOTO: Adelaide Football Club

It can only be described as an unmitigated disaster.

One of the most feeble efforts I have seen by a Crows side at Adelaide Oval in a long, long time.

After a back and forth first half, the Crows completely fell asleep and were absolutely crushed in all areas – a completely deserved 10-goal shellacking.

The longer the second half went on the more thin the crowd around me got.

Early in the fourth quarter there was enough seats beside me, and in front, lay down and take a nap – probably a more exciting prospect than continuing to watch the game.

I was thinking to myself ‘why the hell am I not leaving with the rest of them’ while sitting there clearly not enjoying myself.

In what other activity do you sit through it even if you know you are wasting your time and not enjoying yourself? – Football is a weird game.

PHOTO: Adelaide Football Club

As salty as I am now, the early signs in this one were actually pretty good.

Despite being wasteful in front of goal, the Crows looked strong in the trenches and were on top in the midfield battle.

Port Adelaide were showing damaging signs when given even a step of space on the outside, but the Crows were keeping the ball on the inside and winning in tight.

Matt Crouch was his typical ball magnet self, while Hugh Greenwood produced a few moments of magic in the second quarter to provide a few consecutive score assists.

When Taylor Walker slotted a major after just 18 seconds in the third quarter I thought we were on.

Nothing went right after that point.

The good

Daniel Talia

While I fully admit finding a good out of that game was difficult, you can’t go past the job Daniel Talia did on Charlie Dixon.

Charlie didn’t get a kick until two-thirds of the way through the second quarter and was a non-factor for the entire game.

While Talia did go down with a slight ankle knock, he continues to show that he is Adelaide’s best and most consistent defender.

The bad

Forward entries

Just about everything was bad in the second half but the forward entries were absolutely atrocious.

Something straight out of amateur hour.

The only thing which infuriates fans more than having nobody forward of the ball to kick to, is when players have nobody forward of the ball to kick to and bomb it long anyway.

Tom Clurey, Darcy Byrne-Jones, Justin Westhoff and a litany of other Port Adelaide defenders gobbled up long hit and hope kicks with relative ease.

The second half

PHOTO: Adelaide Football Club

I’ve gone on and on about it already but that second half was putrid.

I can’t remember a time where I have been more angry, disappointed and straight up pissed off at a Crows game in a long time.

All the players will know it but it was a truly insipid effort and simply not good enough.

Robbie Gray’s dominance

It’s just another example of an elite player having a field day against the Crows.

I’ve been going on about this for weeks but its so frustrating when time and time again midfield talent has a field day against Adelaide and nothing is done about it.

When is Don Pyke going to find something or someone to at least attempt to stop the opposition’s best player when they start getting on top?

Take nothing away from Gray, a fantastic effort by a proven Showdown performer.

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