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Heard on the Hill: Adelaide v Essendon

It was a disappointing performance by the Adelaide Crows on Friday night but that meant fans were as vocal as ever.

Richie Douglas would have kicked it!”

Now there could be able 10 different entries for this section where fans made jokes about Brodie Smith wearing Richard Douglas’ #26 in the first half.

We were ‘treated’ to some brilliant calls such as this one.

Throw in “I didn’t think Douglas was playing tonight” along with a “Is that Richie Smith or Brodie Douglas?”

Thank god Smith changed his jumper at half time because I genuinely couldn’t have put myself through another half listening to these D-grade jokes.

“You’ll always be a f*ckwit, Stringer”

Cop that Jake Stringer.

The former Bulldog didn’t have his best game against the Crows on Friday night but one fan was so irate that they took their anger out on ‘The Package’.

In the fan’s defence, Stringer probably didn’t rock up at 7:20pm like the rest of the players but he did kick a crucial goal late to put the Bombers in front which started the rot – so who had the last laugh?

“I’ve taken dumps with more life than we had in the second half.”

Crows fans were noticeably quiet inside Adelaide Oval on Friday night, with most of the calls revolving around groans, anger and the old faithful ‘KICK IT!’.

But boy were they salty outside the ground.

One fella decided to compare the second half capitulation to his fecal matter.

I tell you what, he was probably not far off with his comparison.

“How sh*t are the Crows? Look at those glum faces! You all know you’re sh*t!”

Once again outside the ground a festive Essendon fan was rubbing in the victory to piles of Crows fans as they headed for the buses on King William Street.

Gloating like you wouldn’t believe, this lad had cast out his fishing line and was willing to take on anyone who got in his way.

There isn’t much you can say after your team puts in an insipid performance like the Crows did in the second half – and boy did this Bombers fan know it.

Poking fun at the disappointed fans solely to get a reaction, which of course he eventually did he.

“Yeah well you’ve got a sh*t haircut, you hippy f*ck” – yelled one angry Crows fan who took the bait, hook, line and sinker.

This gave the gleeful Essendon supporter the opportunity to retort back “at least I’m going home a winner!”

I think the saying goes ‘it’s all gone quiet over there…’

Tell us your experience

These are just some of the most interesting calls I heard during my night out at the footy.

I’m sure there were many more and I’d love to hear them.

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