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Adelaide Oval nuffies tee off on “cheating green maggots”

Just about every footy fan in South Australia has visited the Adelaide Oval to watch their favourite side and been left scratching their head after a strange call from a vocal supporter. Some of South Australia’s finest footy nuffies were out in full voice on Saturday night as the Adelaide Crows defeated GWS by 21 points. Tom Staggard walks you through some of his favourite calls from the night.

“You’re a maggot, you’re a knob and Daisy was right, you’re a bloody cheat.”


Passion, competitiveness and probably a skinful of alcohol can make even the most strong-willed people turn against the officials in green.

A triple-barrelled sledge and a cheeky, and topical, Daisy Thomas cheat reference.

The best part of it all was the cranky gentleman ran out of breath at the tail end of his delightful spray.

He let the moment get to him and I hope next time he can streamline his abuse to get it all out in one go.

“How is Heath Shaw still playing? How old is he? 45?”


A fella sitting next to me pulled this call out early on in the piece when Heater took the first kick-in of the game for the Giants.

What made this a truly top shelf nuffie call was when his mate added to the conversation by chiming in with a completely serious “I know he played in the 2010 Grand Final, but was he around for the 1990 premiership?”

That was 29 years ago, champ.

I’m not a smart man, but something tells me he just missed the cut.

“Get your head over the ball you wimp!”

PHOTO: AFL Auskick

Not the nuffiest call you’ve probably heard at a football game.

I think I myself have even thrown this out in frustration at an underperforming player.

However, it did come as a bit of a shock when the lad two rows behind me started having a crack.

Mainly because his attack was aimed at the Auskickers having a leg at half time.


“Your brother isn’t a flog like you are!”


This piece of gold was hurled Harry Himmelberg’s way by a very passionate Adelaide fan who is clearly more fond Harry’s younger brother and Crows forward Elliott.

I admire this particular fan’s background knowledge for being able to recognise that the Himmelberg pair are in fact related.

It’s simple, it’s effective, but it’s a proper stinker.

Speaking of stinkers…

“I hope they’ve got a bag for all that shit.”

I overheard this one as I left the ground and walked past three police officers on horseback.

It was very clear to see the horses had recently relieved themselves on the grassy reserve just outside the East Gate.

Old mate walked past and urged his friends they should remind the police officers to be courteous and pick up after their animals.

His mates didn’t rate his attempt at toilet humour and neither did I.

“Tell us what you really think, mate”

This call came in response to one of the most heated and expletive-laden pieces of diatribe I have ever witnessed at a football game.

Without any consideration for young children in earshot, a bearded Crows fan yells “you’ve got the f***ing numbers, get the bloody ball and move it forward you f***ing c***s.”

A perfectly timed ‘tell us what you really think, mate’ from the other side of the bay lifted the spirits of some clearly offended older fans.

Tell us your experience

These are just some of the most interesting calls I heard during my night out at the footy.

I’m sure there were many more and I’d love to hear them.

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