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Heard on the Hill: ‘Get a haircut, you hippy’

A Saturday night at Adelaide Oval with Port fans is bound to bring out the nuffies – and boy did they appear in droves.

“Get a haircut you hippy!”

Geelong's Mark Blicavs was the target of this hypocritical sledge.

This is an ancient sledge which is directed at any player rocking the long locks.

Both Port Adelaide and Geelong have their fair share, but this was shortly after Blicavs laced Robbie Gray out directly in front.

However, what made this stand out, was that it came from a bloke with longer hair.

Imagine if Rapunzel made this terrible sledge.

“Oi Gaz, did you put your head in the shine-o ball-o?”

Gary Ablett’s beautiful chrome-dome had a strong reflection on it from the Adelaide Oval lights.

Now, I’m not proud of this.

Simply because, it came from my mouth.

While I was caught up in all the booing hoo-haa around the ground, I decided I’d be a bit wittier than ‘boo’.

A quote from The Simpsons directed at one of the champions of the game, got a few chuckles from a few fans of everyone’s favourite TV show.

I’m sorry m’lord

Alleged ‘god’, Gary Ablett Snr. PHOTO:

This was more about the response than the call.

A Port fan decided to target Gary Ablett Jnr after he came in late and hit the Power’s Karl Amon with a high tackle…and it turned out it wasn’t actually him that hit him high.

Didn’t phase this Port local, who went a bit historic with his call: “You’re a dirty dog, just like your old man Gaz!”

Real rough, but a Geelong fan a few seats down looked on in horror, and then proceeded to…

…do the sign of the cross and pray to the sky to apologies to Gary Senior.

‘Why can’t ye belt ‘im?’

Irish fellas are a LOT of fun.

I met up with a few friends prior to the Port match, and they sat with us. One of them was about to watch Aussie Rules for the first time ever, and he was Irish.

Naturally, he’s come from a Gaelic background and loves his rugby.

We offered to explain the rules of the game to him, but then remembered.

We’d be buggered if we tried to do that, as we haven’t a clue either.

However, the one thing he didn’t like, was players could take a mark, and not be touched.

He was expecting elbows to the head as they caught the ball, or a bone-crunching tackle.

No matter the explanation, it didn’t satisfy him.

Tell us your experience

These are just some of the most interesting calls I heard during my night out at the footy.

I’m sure there were many more and I’d love to hear them.

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