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Heard on the Hill

Heard on the Hill: All aboard the spoon train

Some Port Adelaide fans were left speechless in anger on Saturday night as their side went down to the Western Bulldogs…some, not so much.

PHOTO: Port Adelaide FC – Facebook

“Who was that to?!”

This basic call usually follows a standard and uneducated ‘just kick it!’ from any supporter.

However, this was particularly good as the kick landed exactly where it should have.

This clueless buffoon is a notorious squawker at each game, and was left astonished as the ball landed with another Pete Ladhams’ lap.

Maybe you should just watch the game love instead of trying to become the most soul-crushing noise in football.

“Bring back the bald bloke!”


Matthew Nicholls has fast become a household name, under either ‘bald flog’, ‘bald bloke’ or ‘bald umpire’.

This came after another instance of Marcus Bontempelli getting away with murder from the umpires.

After the Bulldogs star made no effort to get rid of the ball in a tackle, the umpire called a ball-up, rather than a correct holding the ball decision.

A lady in her mid-50s was less than satisfied, and demanded Nicholls’ immediate return to Adelaide Oval with this call.

Be careful what you wish for…

“We’ve put in more effort than you”

Plenty of this in pre-season surely.

Port fans got really annoyed with how their boys were playing, considering it was conditions similar to Antarctica.

The Power players were consistently second to the ball, and one frustrated fan shouted this effort out.

I’m not sure that this gentleman, surely in his late 40s, has done a large number of training sessions this past week and a colossal pre-season.

All aboard the spoon train

Spoon trains at the Adelaide Oval.

I definitely understood it was cold – it was bucketing down and it was less than 10 degrees.

However, a group of friends, wrapped up in a blanket, decided to snuggle up together like a bunch of penguins to keep warmth.

It literally looked like a giant spoon train – there was about six in this row.

All aboard.

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