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Heard on the Hill: Showdown edition

It was a tough night for the Adelaide Crows leaning home crowd at Adelaide Oval with Port Adelaide putting on a show to smash the Crows. That didn’t stop a few vocal nuffies on the other side of the fence having their say.

“Nice of you to join us Charlie!”

Always a classic line which gets thrown out at an underperforming player.

Charlie Dixon copped this sledge after getting his first kick late in the second quarter.

Dixon had the last laugh when he went back and slotted the goal to put the Power in front.

We’re better off giving Don a run in the SANFL

Could Don Pyke soon be joining Bryce Gibbs in the SANFL? (PHOTO: Adelaide Football Club)

The mood turned sour in the second half when Port Adelaide started to really get on top of the Crows in all areas.

Early in the fourth quarter when the game was well and truly over, Crows fans started to file out of the stands.

Those who chose to stuck around were in disbelief and talking among themselves about ways to solve the issue.

A call to demote the coach to the reserve side is something I’d never heard previously but very much appreciated.

The Crows SANFL side are flying and it might be worth sending Don down to the twos to get him in some form for the run home.

“Is there a fire drill? The game’s not over!”

We’ve all heard this one before but some overly smug Port fan whipped it out on the droves of Crows fans who’d thrown in the towel early in the 4th quarter.

As they all began to scurry off to the exits, old mate thought he’d throw one final barb in the heart to mock the Crows fans on their way out.

An oldie but a goodie.


PHOTO: Port Adelaide Football Club

Anyone sitting in the top tier of the Riverbank Stand would have heard this rabble of blokes with a clear affinity for Port Adelaide forward Brad Ebert.

Each and every time Ebert kicked one of his three goals, the chant began from what sounded like the back row.

Clearly the boys had had a few too many lemonades but I was happy to hear someone enjoying themselves.

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye”

Expertly timed by Port Adelaide fans who were once again mocking all the Crows fans leaving early with their tail between their legs.

There isn’t much to say about this one but I do love a sarcastic chant.

There also wasn’t much fight back from the Adelaide fans who knew when to pick their battles.

Tell us your experience

These are just some of the most interesting calls I heard during my night out at the footy.

I’m sure there were many more and I’d love to hear them.

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