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One-eyed with Jack Hudson

One-eyed: Port Adelaide v Adelaide Crows

Port Adelaide secured its second Showdown victory in nine meetings, as it thrashed the Adelaide Crows by 57 points on Saturday evening.

PHOTO: Port Adelaide FC Twitter

Oh my giddy aunt.

Unfortunately, I broke one of my two golden rules – never schedule anything during the Showdown.

The other being, never book a wedding or any major event on grand final day.

However, Kayo Sports has been the best subscription I have (that is until I start watching Stranger Things season three, but that’s a whole different story).

Learning Travis Boak was a late out pre-game was possibly the worst news I could’ve heard at that point. Yes, the worst.

Ironically, out with a back injury. After all, he’s been carrying us all season.

However, I was delighted to see Ryan Burton sail through the opener with precision.

Soon enough, I saw we were down by nine points, and I started cracking the sads more than Grant Denyer watching Tom Gleeson win the Gold Logie.

Grant Denyer’s nightmares. PHOTO:

Half-time comes around, and I’m on the way home.

I chuck the radio on to hear the second half, and hear Tex has torched Tommy Clurey to kick the first.

I yell out an expletive that would deafen anyone – luckily I was alone.

The flood gates then opened.



My shoulder got sore from the fist bumping I did from each and every goal.

It got even better as I arrived home, as I see the fire drill at Adelaide Oval had started early.

Over 50,000 in the house, and around 2000 left at the end of the game. Sensational fire drill.

Farewell, Crows fans.

With the game safe and secure, all I wanted next was a Xavier Duursma goal.

You see, Duurs promised me after I had a chat with him this week, he’d do the bow and arrow celebration if he scored a goal.

Yet, he ended up with three behinds. The only downside of this wonderful night.

The lid is completely off, I’ll be off now, as I’m finalising my booking on Flight Centre for September. (I hope the cancellation fee is cheap…)

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