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One-eyed with Jack Hudson

One-eyed: Port Adelaide v Fremantle

Port Adelaide travelled to Perth to take on Fremantle on Saturday afternoon and left empty-handed, much to the anguish of Power fans.

Kane Farrell was a shining light in the loss. PHOTO: AFL Media

I think I speak for most Port fans when I turn into a different, frustrated person when watching our side play away.

After all, you can only scream at a TV so much before it breaks from just pure sound.

This game felt no different.

I was at a friend’s birthday, so I’m already going to be in trouble for being my vocal self, and sure as hell, the umpires are doing their best job to try and tick me off.

After dealing with yet another Crows win on Thursday night, my patience with football was thinner than ever.

The first bounce goes, and I’m already fortunate this party had none of the “AFL Behavioural Awareness Officers” at this party, because I would’ve been turfed out already.

Paddy Ryder was looking good up forward early, and I was feeling at peace, relaxed, a great start.

We concede, yep, alright, all good, we’re still in the lead.


Then Justin Westhoff notches up goal number 300 for his career in typical Westhoff style – from the boundary…before missing a shot from directly in front.

Then the ghosts of torment rear their head – Brandon Matera kicking goals against Port.

For those who are unaware, Matera put the Gold Coast Suns in front when they beat the Power back in 2011.

Dealing with that rage, where I cursed the small forward and called him a “Gold Coast reject”, I calmly sipped my Coke Zero and went back to my business.

Thank god for Kane Farrell and his gift of a left boot.

I was pleased at quarter-time as we sat 11 points ahead, so I started socialising with friends – something I rarely do when Port play.

Then the Michael Walters show began.

I forgot the part in the Port game plan where we always let one of the opposition’s forwards to get off the chain and kick a bag.

Eric Hipwood, Tom Lynch and Jack Gunston had all kicked six goals against us, Jack Petrucelle had snagged five in a losing effort and Jaidyn Stephenson booted four.

Interesting game plan.

Walters kicks three in a quarter and Jesse Hogan snags two. Beautiful.


My friend’s dad said to me that if Port lead at three-quarter-time, then they should be able to win from there.

Obviously, the Power players heard that and figured it was all done from there, as they DIDN’T. SCORE. AGAIN.

This is where I started losing my bananas.

Not only could we not get it inside our half of the ground, but the blokes in green didn’t exactly help.

I’m not one for consistently blaming the umpires, but nearly 20 free kicks difference, and once side getting over 30 free kicks is a complete farce.

Some were there, and I agree we were second to the ball, but it was shambolic.

Now after I got that off my chest, once Walters’ last goal went through – alongside the Xavier Duursma impersonation – I walked out, and unfortunately for my poor hoodie, it ended up in a right state.

For some reason, filled with my Power rage, I managed to turn full Hulk Hogan, and tear it in two.

Well, onto Geelong this week.

A side who has never won after the bye since it’s been re-introduced…

…can’t wait to break that record.

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Jack grew up in Gawler, South Australia – just 45 minutes north of Adelaide – and has a passion for all things football and soccer. Jack has worked in the media for more than four years, and hosts his own sports show on Barossa radio station BBBfm. He previously played football for Elizabeth, South Gawler, Gawler Central and at junior level with Central District, and is a die-hard Port Adelaide fan.