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One-eyed with Jack Hudson

One-eyed: Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs

Port Adelaide hosted the Western Bulldogs at a wet Adelaide Oval on Saturday night, and went down to the underdogs by 25 points.

PHOTO: Port Adelaide FC – Twitter.

“Riding this high wave of happiness, I’m sure to be let down when we host the Bulldogs this week.” – Me, last week after we beat Geelong.

It turns out I’m a psychic, and I know my club well, as we once again managed to back something amazing up with something terrifyingly rubbish.

With the rain coming in hard, I thought it would be the worst thing I’d be dealing with coming from the sky.

Unfortunately pre-game, that wasn’t the case, as my poor partner was on the receiving end of a falcon, courtesy of a Hamish Hartlett missed kick.

So off she went to go get a concussion test, and she missed the first quarter…I think she was the lucky one.

My poor partner…

The score review was tested out early with Charlie Dixon’s unorthodox goal, and it seemed to have passed.

Maybe luck was on our side.

We’d soon realise, no, it wasn’t.

The classic Port Adelaide form of having 20 more inside 50s than the opponent but losing the game was deciding to rear its head.

The chair next to me was copping a beating, as was my voice box.

I was carrying on that much in frustration that I think I may have ended up on someone’s Snapchat story. Great.

It’s half-time, and it’s too cold to even have a beer to try and enjoy myself.

I wish I joined the rest of our members in sitting at home watching us lose.

Welcome to Adelaide Oval.

The third quarter comes around – and it looks like we could manage a comeback.

That’s until Tom Clurey does exactly what Mark Blicavs did last week, and lace out a Bulldogs player, who then kicks the goal.

Momentum killer, and we’re getting towelled up by bloody Josh Schache of all people.

The ‘Bont’, who I called ‘one of the most overrated players in the competition’ on AFL Analysis this past week, was ripping us to shreds as well.

Another goalless quarter to finish the game, which included Steven Motlop missing A BASIC SNAP TO GET US BACK IN THE GAME.

Game over.

This team is going to put me in an early grave, and this week is Showdown week.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in a dark corner.

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