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South Adelaide star Brett Eddy happy to be home

Brett Eddy grew up in Victoria but became a two-time Ken Farmer Medallist in the SANFL with South Adelaide and later played for Port Adelaide in the AFL. Now back in his home state, Eddy is playing with Vermont in the EFL and went One on One with Jack Hudson to talk all things footy.


Jack Hudson: You grew up in Victoria – what was your childhood like?

Brett Eddy: I grew up in South Gippsland, my parents were dairy farmers. So, I grew up on a farm with three sisters.

Dad played a good level of cricket, so I grew up loving cricket – dad played with the country Victorian team.

When you grow up in a small country town, you play several sports whether it’s footy, cricket, basketball or squash.

You did a bit of everything when you grew up in the country.

That was good growing up, I was very active on the farm and playing heaps of sports at school.

JH: When was your first game of footy?

BE: I did the equivalent of Auskick back then, but my first official game was for Foster Football Club in the under 15s at the time.

I was about grade five, so I was 10 or 11-years-old playing in that.

PHOTO: South Adelaide Football Club

JH: Further down the track you played for a few clubs in the VFL. What was that like?

BE: It was good mate.

At the end of 2008 I moved to Melbourne, and thought I’d give VFL a crack as an 18-year-old.

I went to play for Sandringham for the 2009 season, and we lost the VFL Reserves Grand Final to Box Hill.

My former team-mate Joel Cross played for them.

In 2010, I did a pre-season with Sandringham again, but I broke my ankle in a round two clash and had three-and-a-half months off.

I decided to go back to Foster for the rest of the year, my home club, while my ankle healed.

I was lucky enough to win a premiership there with a few schoolmates.

I thought I wanted to give it another crack, so I went to the Collingwood VFL.

I had a good mate down there, and he got me in contact with the coach Tarkyn Lockyer.

I mentioned I wanted to give it another crack and I played for them in 2011.


JH: You injured your ACL in that year, how frustrating was that for you?

BE: I went through the state screening around that year, and round 14 I did my knee.

It was tough with the knee, obviously having something you loved doing taken away from you, it was tough.

I realised I was 21-years-old, so if I don’t fix this properly, my sports going to suffer for the next decade, so I had to do the rehab.

I took the full 12 months, I was quite fortunate I was with Collingwood in the (then) Lexus Centre.

I was fortunate to have those resources to help with my rehab.

I had a year off for all of 2012 with my knee.

I got a call from Central District originally at the end of 2011 from Roy Laird, and he asked if I was interested in coming over.

I said I’m only two months into my knee reconstruction, there’d be no point in coming over just to do rehab at Elizabeth the whole time.

I said to give me a call back the year after and I’d have a think about it.

At the end of 2012, I hadn’t played for a while and he gave me a call and asked if I was up to it.

I gave a friend of mine, Xavier Gotch, who was at South (Adelaide) at the time a call and said what’s the SANFL like and reached out to him to have a chat.

He got Neil Sharpe, who was the footy manager at South onto me, and he said if you’re thinking about coming over, come and have a chat with us.

I had a chat with them, and it made sense to go to South instead of Centrals.

I decided to move across, pack up my car and give SANFL a crack.

I think it’s the best football outside of the AFL.

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Jack grew up in Gawler, South Australia – just 45 minutes north of Adelaide – and has a passion for all things football and soccer. Jack has worked in the media for more than four years, and hosts his own sports show on Barossa radio station BBBfm. He previously played football for Elizabeth, South Gawler, Gawler Central and at junior level with Central District, and is a die-hard Port Adelaide fan.