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Six ways your SuperCoach can thrive during the bye rounds

Having invested more time than is socially acceptable into his own fantasy side, Tom Staggard sheds some light on how you and your team can survive the dreaded bye rounds.

When the head honchos behind everyone’s favourite fantasy competitions throw the power to the people and give us all three trades per week to improve our sides, my eyes certainly light up.

This is the time of the year where good coaches thrive and SuperCoach premierships are won.

If you can pull off a few wild trades you could be the talk of the town among your league-mates and swiftly climb the overall rankings.

Here’s some tips on how you can put some space between you and your fellow coaches during the bye weeks.

1. ) Trade like there is no tomorrow

There is a reason we’re given three trades per week during this period and I am championing the trade like your life depends on it cause.

This is the point in the season where a backline full of Marty Hores ($464k AF/$396k SC), Xavier Duursmas ($517k/$362k) and Jordan Clarks ($401k/$286k) can very quickly turn into a full premium team.

If you can cash in, do it.

If you can’t, don’t be afraid to trade down and stockpile cash ready for a big splash.

There is plenty of elite level talent out there who have seen their value drop and with an extra trade at your disposal, now is the time to strike.

Buying low on premium level players once their bye week is out the way will shore up even the shakiest of fantasy sides.

2.) Remember your bye structure but be flexible

If you didn’t at least have a rough idea of what your bye structure would look like then you may have an issue.

But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

Only your best 18 scores will count towards your total score during the bye period so do everything you can to get players on the park.

Think ahead and if you need to sacrifice someone to ensure you’ve got adequate support during another bye round and have the trades in the bank then get it done.

3.) Utilise your dual position players (DPP)


Full disclosure time.

I think the DPP phenomenon is the most overrated part of fantasy football.

That being said, a strong DPP link becomes incredibly important during the bye weeks.

If you’ve got options then make sure you utilise them and ensure you’re getting full value to get to that magic number of 18.

If you can swing top-tier premium talent, such as Patrick Dangerfield, into your mids for a week or two, you may be able to pip a rival who’s not as locked in on game day.

4.) Don’t get sucked in by bubble boys too early

We all love a downgrade trade because it means an upgrade is coming up right around the corner.

There are some enticing players on the edge the all important three game price bubble ahead of the bye rounds.

Fremantle’s Brett Bewley ($202k/$117k), GWS’ Jackson Hately ($314k/$148k) and to a lesser extent Bulldog Ryan Gardner ($178k/$102k) are all players which I have my eye on over the coming weeks.

Job security and a number of other factors are always a consideration but as far as I’m concerned it’s a SuperCoach sin to make the move too early.

You won’t gain anything by trading in Bewley this week compared to next week no matter what you tell yourself.

Make improvements in other areas and utilise your trades in a week’s time.

5.) Let go of your mid-priced stars

PHOTO: Adelaide Crows (

This is something I’m really big on.

As a Crows fan, I’ve loved Brodie Smith’s ($577k/$436k) fantasy output this season.

His solid average (85.5/89.5), consistent scores and injury free run has made him a worthy and reliable member my team.

However, don’t let that get in the way of cutting him or another similar player adrift.

If you’ve been riding a pre-season mid-pricer and hoping they can contribute come finals time, it’s time to reconsider.

In Smith’s case, ask yourself if he’s a top six defender and then re-evaluate your desire to keep him deep into the season.

6.) Work out what you need to have a full premium team and make it happen

At this point in the season if your team isn’t filled with at least more than a handful of players you consider to be the best and most consistent fantasy performers at their position then you’ve got serious issues.

With nine trades over the next three weeks, you should be asking yourself what you need to do to complete your team.

For me, I’m probably two midfielders, one forward and one defender away from being content – two defenders away from being a force to be reckoned with.

Complete your side, leave yourself enough injury trades and get ready for the run home.

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