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Top 5: AFL based video games

From the original Aussie Rules Footy all the way through to AFL Evolution, AFL video games have been a big ball of fun.

PHOTO: AFL Evolution.

5. Aussie Rules Footy

This is on pure nostalgia, and pure nostalgia only.

This game was an absolute classic, and was our first dip into the AFL in the video game world.

West Coast was known as Perth, and Darwin, Canberra and Hobart were playable teams…

…sounds like Gil’s worst nightmare.

4. AFL 99

The last EA Sports developed AFL game was a joy to play.

The action packed opening video, the absurdly large mascots and the classic commentary from Bruce McAvaney and Leigh Matthews.

“It’s offline…it’s a behind.”

It would be the last AFL game until 2002, when AFL Live 2003 would come out.

3. AFL Evolution

Now, you might think it’s strange the most modern game on this list is only number three, but that’s because it wasn’t mind-blowing or completely memorable.

AFL Evolution is an impressive game despite its flaws, but fails to equal other sporting games of its time, such as FIFA, NBA or even NHL.

However, we can’t wait for AFL Evolution 2.

2. AFL Premiership 2007

It was incredibly difficult to decide between this and number one, but the final IR Gurus game was absolutely brilliant.

It had missions, training mode, season mode, career mode and of course exhibitions.

You could upload your EyeToy picture to be on a footballer’s face, you could edit players to update your team’s list.

It had everything you wanted and more.

A game way ahead of its time.

1. AFL Live Premiership Edition

The masterpiece of all AFL games for one defining reason over number two.

The mini games.

Three priceless mini-games provided hours and hours of fun, and the game play was terrific.

The introduction of banana and torpedo kicks on top of the drop punt.

That, and “Goodes…produces the goods.”

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