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Top 5: Cricket based video games

Cricket made not be the most aesthetically pleasing sport but the collection of nostalgic video games will get even the most casual fan up and about.

5. Cricket 2000

One could forgive someone for omitting this from their own list, but EA Sports’ re-entry into the cricket game market was a hit.

Arguably one of the most colourful and vibrant sporting games of its time, Cricket 2000 took everything great about the game and made it simple.

Batting was challenging enough until you figured out the sweet spots and bowling was much more fun than in previous iterations.

Often forgotten, but always enjoyable.

4. Cricket 2002

This was cricket’s first attempt at mastering the PS2 and boy did it come up strong.

EA shelved cricket games in 2001 before launching Cricket 2002 with vastly improved gameplay.

If you’ve never played this game with the super bat cheat on then you simply haven’t lived.

There will never be anything funnier than smashing a Shoaib Akhtar 162km/h yorker with a forward defensive shot.

3. Cricket 2007

Another criminally underrated cricket game and for one very simple reason.

The Ashes scenarios mode which centred around the epic 2005 Ashes series between England and Australia.

The player was transported into the heat of some of the most intense moments of what is widely regarded as one of the greatest Test series of all time.

As Australia, you were challenged to make a century with Michael Clarke at Lords on Ashes debut, or score 105 runs with just Shane Warne, Brett Lee and Michael Kasprowicz at your disposal at Edgbaston.

While for England, challenges include skittling Australia’s tail with Simon Jones, building a 100-run partnership with Andrew Strauss and Marcus Trescothick or scoring a series-securing 150 with Kevin Pietersen at The Oval.

This game would be higher on this list if not for two legendary entries.

2. Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2005

Codemasters added a second cricket video game icon with Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2005.

The first cricket game with fully licensed kits which saw your favourite players using Kookaburra, Gray-Nicholls and Gunn & Moore bats for the first time.

Unfortunately, for all the licensing arrangements with the bat manufacturers, Codemasters couldn’t wrestle the naming rights of the Australian players.

Aside from Ricky Ponting, of course.

So fire up your PS2 and join Punter with his well-known test teammates, Brett Leap, Jason Guisseppi, Damien Mehrten and Michael Clock.

This one is a classic but probably not for the right reasons.

1. Shane Warne Cricket ’99

This is by far and away the greatest cricket game of all time.

Shane Warne Cricket ’99 was my childhood.

I remember everything about this game from mimicking Jonathan Agnew’s “oh great shot” every time I dispatched a bowler to the boundary line to borderline crying as the commentary glitch “In the air… and safe, and out!” ended a dominant innings.

While Codemasters’ Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2005 has become an ongoing joke, Shane Warne Cricket ’99 was an absolute masterpiece.

Scenarios which let you loose on the 1948 Invincible Australian side, the 1996 Sri Lankan World Cup winning side and allowed you to take control in some of the most incredible moments from the history of cricket.

A wonderful game.

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